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Motion Control Solutions
MOTOMAN Industrial Robots
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Motion Control Solutions
MOTOMAN Industrial Robots
Industrial AC Drives
Semiconductor & Cleantech Solutions
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Our Advantages

World’s Leading Manufacturer & Pioneer in Motion Control Technology, Industrial Automation & Robotics
Founded in 1915, based in Kitakyushu, Japan. YASKAWA is a world leader in industrial technology & innovation.
World leader in Industrial Robotics
YASKAWA MOTOMAN robots is leading the industrial robots’ market with more than 500,000 globally installed robots and more than 150 models compatible to many industrial applications
Industrial Robotics Customized Solutions
YASKAWA’s engineers provide local comprehensive long-term support throughout the entire project process; beginning with tailoring a robotic solution for the industrial application, its special features and full integration.
Professional engineering support to motion control related projects
Our local team provides long-term comprehensive support to customers’ projects, starting in their early stages with advising optimal system motion components, assisting in application’s software writing and final integration.
Global Leader in Reliable & High-Quality Technology Solutions of Wafer Delivery & Motion Control
YASKAWA meets the unique semiconductor industry’s demands for total solutions in wafer delivery and precision positioning platforms. We have the capability to build fully configured, customized solutions to meet customer specifications for cleanliness, throughput and accuracy.
Global Leading Manufacturer in Motion Control and Drive Technology Solutions
Our wide-range product portfolio enables our customers to obtain anything they need; from simple controller products to powerful systems all from one single source. Our high-quality mechatronics solutions deliver best quality, reliability & precision to our customers

Advanced Technologies & Solutions

The MOTOMAN HC30PL is a human-collaborative robot with a superior payload of 30 kg (the only cobot in the industry available in this payload). It provides a reach of 1,700 mm. Perfect for collaborative fenceless Palletizing installations, combining safe operation and high speed.
Semistar Gekko Clean Robot
Yaskawa introduces a revolutionary & unique wafer handling robot with a unique passive grip that significantly reduces wafer stress and improves productivity.