YASKAWA Israel installs first robotic system in IDF main corona lab

YASKAWA R&D in Israel successfully completed the development of a robotic system performing an important phase of corona lab tests.

The system has six axis robot and external components and performs part of the lab testing process automatically with no human touch.

Automation process includes sampling of 96 ampules in each testing cycle and PCR preparation. The process is quick, accurate and allows up to 2,800 tests 24/7.

YASKAWA robot replaces manual and slow work of lab staff and is very accurate and quick. In addition, it eliminates human faults and reduces potential infection risk to lab workers that have physical contact with the samples.

System operation is simple and easy and can be performed with no need for special technical skills. The system helps reducing overload of lab work as well as allows the staff to do other lab tasks.

As the system demonstrates high performance, YET is already prepared to supply additional robotic systems to other corona labs across Israel.

Arik Dan, YET President and CEO: “The new corona Inspection robots answer Israel’s need as well as any other countries in the world, to accelerate the testing speed rate and increase their number significantly.  YET robotic system accelerates the testing rate significantly. This could become a turning point for the pandemic Inspection management, since as the testing number is increased, national decisions are more easily taken and ultimately the infection chain can be stopped. In addition, the system will minimize the risk of lab workers who could be infected by Corona.

The corona robot system has great global commercial potential for health organizations around the world.

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