User-Friendly Touchscreen Teach Pendant – New & advanced tool by Yaskawa

Radically change the way a robot is programmed with the easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant. Ideal for novice robot users, this pendant simplifies INFORM programming for easy-to-understand operation and fast implementation of the robot system. The Smart Pendant’s intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) adapts to the programmer’s style, and the built-in Smart Frame feature allows the robot to adapt to the operator’s position, eliminating the utilization of coordinate frames and allowing for easy robot jogging. Smart Pendant is compatible with select YRC1000-controlled robots: GP7, GP8 and GP12.

Key Benefits

  • Simplified INFORM programming supports powerful robot functionality
  • Fast and efficient deployment of robot system
  • Easy-to-understand operation; intuitive format mitigates retraining requirements
  • Smart Frame eliminates coordinate frames; the robot adapts to the user


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