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YASKAWA Electric has evolved into a total solution company, active in three fields: Motion Control, Robotics Automation and System Engineering.

The 21st century is expected to be the Age of Media. The foundation of media is the Semiconductor, and today’s industry urgently needs more sophisticated systems for semiconductor manufacturing.

YASKAWA Electric is engaged in a range of R&D projects in clean and vacuum technology. Due to our commitment to excellence and our extensive mechatronics technology, we are able to offer a line-up of manufacturing systems to meet user requirements in all aspects of semiconductor manufacturing.

YASKAWA’s complete line-up of clean and vacuum robot systems and our state-of-the-art technology provide powerful support for customer systems.

Full Automation System Configuration

Yaskawa has the capability to build a fully configured solution by using the most suitable automation components to meet customer specifications for cleanliness, throughput and accuracy.

We offer cutting edge technology for different size and capacity of Factory interface (EFEM Technical Information), starting with single loading station, through 2 wide, 3 wide, 4 wide enclosures and up to full cluster tools for several applications on same platforms.

Our EFEM is officially certified for international standards of safety and cleanroom as required. For more details please contact our technical team.

Yaskawa EFEM

Vacuum Environment Automation

Our RV series robots provide an ideal solution for use in special working environments such as closed vacuum chambers, which are becoming more and more common.

The Yaskawa vacuum robots are being used for handling and transferring of:

⋅ LCD glass substrates

⋅ Wafer-handling

⋅ Organic LED

⋅ Transferring of finished displays in high-vacuum environments

The Yaskawa vacuum robots were developed to provide extended functionality, simple operation, improved efficiency and optimal configurability, while meeting the functionality and performance requirements for all types of work

Air Management (FFU) Options

The main component in the design and functionality of any air management system is its control unit.

Yaskawa, as a world leader in control systems, provides highly efficient, cost effective Fan Filter Units (FFU) for any clean room application, including mini-environments, laminar cells, etc.

Various types of control level are available, including full APCS (Auto Pressure Control System), manual control, and fixed ON/OFF control.

Special types of filters are also available on request. For example, we can offer Teflon, glass fiber and chemical filters of different types.

Yaskawa FFU

Yaskawa Solar Offering

Yaskawa’s offering to the solar energy market includes a large range of robotic systems designed to handle all kind of solar panels during the manufacturing process. This includes crystalline silicon wafers, thin films, and glass panels.

Display Panels Transfer

Yaskawa offers a large range of glass-handling robots, in both single and double arm configurations, for all glass sizes and methods of manufacture.

Because of Yaskawa’s unique mechanisms, our models are compact and feature short path lines and long up/down strikes. These features permit effective use of limited space within a system.

Component Level Configuration

As part of our approach to provide our customers with the best solution they need, we offer the Yaskawa’s extensive clean product automation portfolio includes:

Wide range of clean robots – single arms, dual arms, single blade, dual blade

Wide range of Pre aligners – Single axis, multi axis, vacuum grip, Edge grip, different wafer size

Wide range of Robotics controllers – Multi axis robotic controllers that controls both robot and Pre aligner

End Effectors – Varies type of End Effectors and gripping methods.

FFU – Wide range of customized air flow management systems for class 1 or less.

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