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Semiconductor & Cleantech Components

YASKAWA Electric is proud to offer our customers the cutting edge technology products to best march the market needs on the component level.

Our products are available as is or as part of a total solution, customized system per customer specification and requirement.

As part of our approach to provide our customers with the best solution they need, we offer the Yaskawa’s extensive clean product automation portfolio includes:

Wide range of clean robots | Wide range of Pre aligners | Wide range of Robotics controllers | End Effectors | FFU

Wide range of clean robots – single arms, dual arms, single blade, dual blade

Wide range of Pre aligners – Single axis, multi axis, vacuum grip, Edge grip, different wafer size

Wide range of Robotics controllers – Multi axis robotic controllers that controls both robot and Pre aligner

End Effectors – Various types of End Effectors and gripping methods.

FFU – Wide range of customized air flow management systems for class 1 or less.

Material handling Robots

Special robots for wafer handling, Framed wafer handling, retical handling, Glass handling.
Robot models include the latest release from Yaskawa, the MR124, a dual blade robot with long reach and heavy payload. Also included

The M201V, dual arm robot (3 axes each arm) for up to 300mm wafer handling

The M101, single arm robot (3 axes) for up to 300mm wafer handling

The M112, single arm, single blade (4 axes) for up to 300mm wafer handling

The M122, dual blade (5 axes) for up to 300mm wafer handling

All robots provide high throughput and accuracy.

In addition, Yaskawa offers high quality handling robots for use in vacuum – Semistar V-Series. Click here for more information

Pre Aligners

High accuracy pre aligners for different sized wafers, controlled by the same controller as the robot and including:
PV11/PV12 – Single axis, vacuum grip pre aligner for 200 or 300mm wafers (manual change)

PV32/PV34 – 3 axes, vacuum, grip pre aligner for multi size wafers (from 4″ and up to 12″) with automatic change

PE11 – Single axis, edge grip Pre aligner for 300mm wafers

PVR1130 – Single axis, vacuum, grip pre aligner for 300mm wafers

PVR1230 – Single axis, vacuum grip, 200 & 300 mm wafers (manual change) pre aligner

PER1130 – Single axis, edge grip, 300mm wafer pre aligner


Multi axes robotic controller to handle all automation components
NXC100 – Up to 9 axes Robotic controller, 220VAC or 110VAC power connection

SR100 – Up to 6 axes Robotic controller, single or 3 phase power connection

End Effectors

Large selection of End Effectors, different materials, different gripping method and different shape for material handling

Factory Automation (Load Ports, RFID, OCR, etc.)

As part of our total solution offering, we offer a wide range of accessories and complementary equipment such as load ports, SMIF, OCR, RFID readers, ionizers, etc.

Both Yaskawa and 3rd party makes are made available. Our focus is on providing extensive flexibility for providing optimal solutions for all customers and applications.

Wafer Sorters

Yaskawa, as a market leader in automation and control, offers wafer sorter systems that provide, among others, the following benefits:

High Throughput

The high-speed robot with a traverse axis driven by a linear motor and a high-speed pre-aligner results in the world’s fastest throughput of 300 wafers per hour.

ISO Class 1 Cleanliness

Edge grippers on the end effector for both the robot and the pre-aligner for backside handling of the wafers prevent contact with the face of the wafer. Thus, particles are greatly reduced during transfer. Our load ports, which boast the world’s top level of cleanliness, ensure Class 1 cleanliness in the entire system.

Compatibility with Various Carriers

The 300-mm Wafer Sorter can be used with both FOUP openers and FOSB openers so that it can support the carrier ports of various manufacturers.

Foup Stockers

In response to the needs for AMHS (Automated Material Handling Systems) in the 300-mm wafer plants, we have developed a series of 300-mm wafer sorters that can be incorporated with stockers (automated FOUP warehouses) as applied products of the EFEM (Equipment Front End Module) for localized clean environments.

Air Flow Management (FFU, Laminar Cells)

The main component in the design and functionality of any air management system is its control unit.

Yaskawa, as a world leader in control systems, provides highly efficient, cost effective Fan Filter Units (FFU) for any clean room application, including mini-environments, laminar cells, etc.

Various types of control are available, including full APCS (Auto Pressure Control System) control, manual control, and fixed ON/OFF control.

Special types of filters are also available on request. For example, we can offer Teflon, glass fiber and chemical filters of different types.

EFEM (mini- environment)

Application dependent, customized EFEM for Class 1 or lower with the cutting edge Yaskawa automation and the selected peripherals components per customer requirements. For more details on this product selection please use the following link (Link to Solution)

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