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Sustainability – Yaskawa Vision

Conducting corporate activities to the benefit of society and the environment from a global perspective

We are currently taking on the challenges of high-efficiency utilization of natural energy and the realization of a society in which people and robots coexist. Our Mechatronics products hold the top share in the global market. We will continue to make use of technology underlying this achievement and contribute on a global scale offering solutions to emerging issues.

Yaskawa´s Vision for Future

Yaskawa’s Vision of Human & Eco Mechatronics for the People and the Earth
Since Yaskawa Electric was established, our spirit and drive for innovation has continued. For research and development, the research center that was originally started in 1921, cooperates with the research section of each business department. We try our best to develop new technology that is good for people and the earth with the creation of Eco-mechatronics.
The Research & Development Center is currently focusing on the following themes.

For additional information about Yaskawa sustainability & code of conduct press here

Interview with Yaskawa Electric’s President

Mr. Hiroshi Ogasawara

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