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Environment & Energy Business Domain

In the “Environment & Energy” business domain, we will concentrate on electric power conversion devices that apply our existing AC drive technology with the aims of energy conservation and effective use of natural energy.
To that end, we will advance our business from the dual perspectives of energy conservation and energy creation.
We are also working on drive systems for electric vehicles, which are expected to be widely adopted as one approach to solving environmental and energy problems.

Extensive Lineup for Energy Savings and Energy Creation

The need for renewable energies such as solar and wind power is increasing as we attempt to control global warming by reducing CO2 emissions, improve the environment, and prevent disasters on a global scale.

At Yaskawa Electric, we view our environment and energy business as one of the major pillars of our new business initiatives. We apply energy saving technologies that enable efficient use of AC drives and energy creation technologies such as solar, wind and hydro-power generation in realizing optimum energy systems.

Product Lineup

Inverter & converter for small-scale wind & hydro-power generation systems


PV inverters

Energy Efficiency by Yaskawa: Applications

Quick charging for electric vehicles

Small-scale hydropower generation

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