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New Technologies for Bright Future – Combination of Eco & Human Friendly Environments

Next-Generation RT&MC System Technology for People with the aging population and declining birthrate advancing at unprecedented rate in Japan, Japanese society is facing challenges including livelihood support for the growing elderly population and labor shortage. The Research & Development Center is committed to the development of advanced industrial robots as well as next-generation robotics technology such as livelihood-supporting robots coexisting with people.

New Mechanism & Motion Control Technology

Our aim is to create high-value added products through conjugation and optimization of application based functions, and pursuing ultra-precision control technology.

Energy Saving & Power Conversion Technology

To lower environmental impact, there are two approaches we can take. One is to save energy; the other is to convert energy efficiently. We contribute to the environmental protection by making high-efficient Mechatronics products for energy-saving effects and using power conversion technology.

Vision 2025

Technology and R&D Activity

As part of the global R&D group of Yaskawa Electric (Japan), we are heavily involved in developing next generation technology for the motion industry. We are especially active in the areas of smart controllers, drives, encoders, motion algorithms, communication interfaces and software applications.

Our R&D team works closely with the Yaskawa R&D centers on both common and local projects.

The local R&D team includes engineers who are highly skilled in the following areas: software, hardware, algorithms and mechanical design.

Our core areas of knowledge include:

·         Servo and motion control algorithms

·         Embedded/RT software development

·         Digital board design

·         Windows based software (.NET)

·         Various Fieldbus protocols: CANopen, Profibus, Modbus, Powerlink, EtherCAT and Mechatrolink

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