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Yaskawa Europe Technology is the Israeli Branch of the Japanese giant Yaskawa Electric Corporation.

Yaskawa Electric is the world leading Automation and Robotics Company in the world.

Founded in 1915, the company provides solutions in Industrial Robotic, Motion Control, Inverters, Positioning Stages, as well as Semiconductors solutions.

In January 2015, the company launched a Technological Robotic and Motion Control Center, aimed to expose and simplify robotics technologies within the Israeli Industry. The company invites potential customers as well as the Industrial sector to a free of charge professional workshops; pre-reservations workshop coordination is available at www.yaskawa.co.il

Yaskawa Europe Technology is active in the following fields:

• Motion Control solutions
• Inverters
• Positioning Stages
• Industrial Robotic solutions
• Semiconductor and Cleantech automation solution

Typical applications:

• Semiconductor: wafer and chip handling machines ,wafer inspection, wire bonding, chip testing
• Printing
• Packaging
• Precise laser cutting
• Machine tools
• Display inspection machines
• Robotic solutions: Arc welding, Assembly, Cutting, Material handling and pick-and-place
• General purpose

We are committed to continue innovating and providing technologies to meet customer’s needs and make automation more productive.